Michigan State University, Kentucky 4-H are Tops in 2019 KILE Judging Contest

Harrisburg, Pa. –  Michigan State University’s livestock judging team claimed the top prize in the collegiate division of the 2019 Collegiate and Junior Livestock Judging Competition at the 2019 Keystone International Livestock Exposition in Harrisburg.

Team members Brad Chapman, Brady Littlefield, Katie Romzek, Kollin Johnson, Rebecca Herzog, Thomas Littlefield, and Kelsie Letts. They were awarded first overall swine, sheep and beef teams.

Competitors from 10 collegiate teams were represented by 50 students, and 14 state 4-H and FFA teams were represented by 55 contestants from across the eastern half of the United States.  Competitors were judged on their animal evaluation skills as they judged classes of beef cattle, sheep, and swine.

Brad Chapman of Michigan State University was the high-scoring individual overall in the collegiate contest. He was also first overall in sheep and seventh overall individual in beef.

Kentucky 4-H, represented by Kasey Johnson, Lydia Gosney, Will Banks, and Chevy Vaske, won the contest’s junior division. The team was first overall sheep and beef teams.

In the event of a tie, the individual or team with a higher oral reasons score – the more accomplished defender of their placement of the class of animals – was declared the winner.

Collegiate Results:

Top five collegiate teams, points totals:
1st –  Michigan State University, 4,489 points

2nd – University of Tennessee, 4,439 points

3rd –  Mississippi State University, 4,401 points

4th – Ohio State University, 4,333 points

5th –  Penn State University, 4,329 points

Top five collegiate teams in reasons, points:
1st –  Michigan State University, 4,489 points

2nd –  University of Tennessee, 4,439 points

3rd –  University of Illinois, 4,401 points

4th –  Ohio State University, 4,329 points

5th –  Penn State University, 4,333 points

Top ten collegiate overall individuals:
1st – Brad Chapman- Michigan State University, 926 points

2nd –  Andrew Davis- Ohio State University, 924 points

3rd –  Logan Whipple- Mississippi State University, 909 points

4th –  Travis Anderson- North Carolina University, 905 points

5th –  Brady Littlefield- Michigan State University, 905 points

6th – Ty Wickline- University of Tennessee, 903 points

7th –  Katie Elder- Penn State University, 898 points

8th –  Kristen Brown- University of Tennessee, 898 points

9th –  Nate Long- University of Tennessee, 894 points

10th –  Katie Romzek- Michigan State University, 894 points

Top ten collegiate reasons individuals:
1st –  Brad Chapman- Michigan State University, 366 points

2nd –  Andrew Davis - The Ohio State University- 357 points

3rd –  Katie Elder- Penn State University- 356 points

4th –  Leslie Walker- University of Illinois- 355 points

5th –  Nate Long- University of Tennessee- 355 points

6th –  Travis Anderson- North Carolina State University- 354 points

7th – Austin Smith- University of Illinois- 355 points

8th –  Brady Littlefield- Michigan State University- 351 points

9th –  Ty Wickline- University of Tennessee- 351 points

10th –  Katie Romzek- Michigan State University- 349 points

Junior Results:

Top five overall junior teams:
1st –  Kentucky 4-H, 2,445 points

2nd –  Illinois 4-H, 2,403 points

3rd – Maryland 4-H, 2,383 points

4th – Ohio 4-H 2,365 points

5th –  Normal West FFA, 2,361 points

Top five junior teams in reasons:

1st –  Kentucky 4-H, 516 points

2nd –  Kentucky FFA, 512 points

3rd –  Kentucky 4-H, 503 points

4th – Michigan FFA, 491 points

5th – Indiana FFA, 489 points

Top ten junior overall individuals:
1st –  Chevy Vaske, Kentucky 4-H, 827 points

2nd –  Kasey Johnson, Kentucky 4-H, 819 points

3rd – Ashlyn O’Brien, Ohio 4-H, 819 points

4th –  Makenzie Hereth, Maryland 4-H, 816 points

5th –  Cody Knodle, Illinois 4-H, 813 points

6th – Bridget Weller, Michigan 4-H, 811 points

7th –  Ellie Kidwell, Ohio FFA, 808 points

8th –  Taylar Burch, Maryland 4-H, 804 points

9th –  Bayleigh Huelsenbeck, Indiana 4-H, 803 points

10th –  Will Banks, Kentucky 4-H, 799 points

Top ten junior reasons individuals:
1st –  Chevy Vaske- Kentucky 4-H, 190 points

2nd – Will Banks, Kentucky 4-H, 185 points

3rd –  Eric Schafer, Illinois 4-H, 184 points

4th –  Lydia Gosney, Kentucky 4-H, 184 points

5th – Kasey Johnson, Kentucky 4-H, 184 points

6th –  Cody Knodle, Illinois 4-H, 182 points

7th – Sarah Ronnebaum, Indiana FFA, 177 points

8th –  Sawyer Schlipf, Illinois 4-H, 177 points

9th –  Katherine Eastep, North Carolina 4-H, 176 points

10th –  Bayleigh Huelsenbeck, Indiana 4-H, 176 points

The Keystone International Livestock Exposition is the largest livestock show on the East Coast, with more than 1,300 beef cattle, 650 horses, 1,200 sheep, 450 swine, and 200 Boer goats. This year, nearly 1,000 exhibitors from 29 states and Canada are competing in livestock events. The show also includes the 12th Annual Keystone Classic Barbecue Competition, a Kansas City Barbecue Society-sanctioned event to select the state's finest culinary competitors.

All events are open to the public with free admission and parking. Find more information and a complete schedule of events at keystoneinternational.pa.gov.

Photos of this event can be found on our Flickr page.