Ohio State Tops Collegiate Division, Kentucky FFA Wins Junior Division in 2018 KILE Judging Contest

Harrisburg, Pa. – The Ohio State University livestock judging team claimed the top prize in the collegiate division of the 2018 Collegiate and Junior Livestock Judging Competition at the 2018 Keystone International Livestock Exposition in Harrisburg. The team received a rotating trophy sponsored by Paul and Bette Slayton of Slayton’s Beardance.

Team members Caleb Penwell, Garrett Stickley, Brooke Anderson, Devin Coon, Mitchell Montgomery, and Taylor Andrews were coached by Hank LeVan. They were also awarded first overall swine team, we well as first overall team in reasons, second overall beef team, and third overall sheep team.

Competitors from 11 collegiate teams were represented by 58 students, and 16 state 4-H and FFA teams were represented by 61 contestants from across the eastern half of the United States.  Competitors were judged on their animal evaluation skills as they judged classes of beef cattle, sheep, and swine.

With 923 points, Cassidy Dossin of University of Florida was the high-scoring individual overall in the collegiate contest. She was also the first overall in sheep, third overall individual in beef, and first overall in swine.

Kentucky FFA, represented by Kasey Johnson, Lydia Gosney, Gracie Metzger, and Chevy Vaske, won the contest’s junior division. The team was also first overall sheep team, second overall team in reasons, as well as first overall beef team and third overall swine team.

The Pennsylvania Angus Association sponsored a special contest during which contestants judged classes of Angus cattle. The top individual in the junior category was Dillon Sheiss of the Indiana FFA team, with a score of 147 points. The collegiate winner was Cody Maddox of the Mississippi State University team.

Other event sponsors included the Penn State Stockman’s Club, American Angus Association, Fulton Bank, Select Sire Power Inc., Pennsylvania Livestock Association, Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council, Mid-State Maines, Hidden Pond Farms, Purina Mills Inc., Allan Comman of Legacy Financial, and Double G Show Cattle. 

The top five overall teams in swine, from both the collegiate and junior divisions, received magazine subscriptions from the National Swine Registry for its Seedstock Edge publication and Poland China Record Association for its Poland China Advantage publication.

In the event of a tie, the individual or team with a higher oral reasons score – the more accomplished defender of their placement of the class of animals – was declared the winner.

Collegiate Results:

Top five collegiate teams, points totals, and top award sponsor:
1st –  The Ohio State University, 4,521 points

2nd – Fort Hayes State University, 4,512 points

3rd –  West Virginia University, 4,493 points

4th – Michigan State University, 4,399 points

5th –  Penn State University, 4,392 points

Top five collegiate teams in reasons, points and top award sponsor:
1st –  The Ohio State University, 4,521 points

2nd –  Fort Hayes State University, 4,521 points

3rd –  Mississippi State University, 4,389 points

4th –  West Virginia University, 4,493 points

5th –  Michigan State University, 4,399 points

Top ten collegiate overall individuals, points and top award sponsor:
1st – Cassidy Dossin- University of Florida, 923 points

2nd –  Roger Rohrbaugh- West Virginia University, 923 points

3rd –  Caleb Penwell- The Ohio State University, 919 points

4th –  Garrett Stickley- The Ohio State University, 914 points

5th –  Mary Ali Oliver- University of Tennessee, 914 points

6th – Quentin Haas- Fort Hayes State University, 912 points

7th –  Madison Martin- University of Tennessee, 912 points

8th –  Brianna Stefan- Fort Hayes State University, 912 points

9th –  Gabriella Kosek- West Virginia State University, 910 points

10th –  Rachel Stoltzfuz- Penn State University, 909 points

Top ten collegiate reasons individuals, points and top award sponsor:
1st –  Caleb Penwell- The Ohio State University, 371 points

2nd –  Garrett Stickley- The Ohio State University- 361 points

3rd –  Kimmi Jodoin- Michigan State University- 360 points

4th –  Quentin Haas- Fort Hayes State University- 360 points

5th –  Regan Kats- Fort Hayes State University- 358 points

6th –  Curtis Patton- West Virginia University- 357 points

7th – Mary Ali Oliver- University of Tennessee- 356 points

8th –  Cody Maddox- Mississippi State University- 355 points

9th –  Cassidy Dossin- University of Florida- 355 points

10th –  Ethan Douglass- Michigan State University- 351 points

Junior Results:

Top five overall junior teams, points and top award sponsor:
1st –  Kentucky FFA, 2,436 points

2nd –  Pennsylvania 4-H, 2,433 points

3rd – Indiana FFA, 2,396 points

4th – Michigan FFA, 2,394 points

5th –  Indiana 4-H, 2,380 points

Top five junior teams in reasons, points and top award sponsor:

1st –  Pennsylvania 4-H, 516 points

2nd –  Kentucky FFA, 512 points

3rd –  Kentucky 4-H, 503 points

4th – Michigan FFA, 491 points

5th – Indiana FFA, 489 points

Top ten junior overall individuals, points and top award sponsor:
1st –  Dillon Sheiss, Indiana FFA, 855 points

2nd –  Kasey Johnson, Kentucky FFA, 837 points

3rd – Hannah Ellis, North Carolina 4-H, 829 points

4th –  Maddie Musser, Pennsylvania 4-H, 827 points

5th –  Cody Scherle, Indiana 4-H, 826 points

6th –  Colby Hough, Maryland 4-H, 808 points

7th –  Garrett Vaughan, West Virginia 4-H, 808 points

8th –  Emma Musser, Pennsylvania 4-H, 807 points

9th –  Lydia Gosney, Kentucky FFA, 807 points

10th –  Zach Wyatt, Kentucky 4-H, 807 points

Top ten junior reasons individuals, points and top award sponsor:
1st –  Dillon Sheiss, Indiana FFA, 178 points

2nd – Kasey Johnson, Kentucky FFA, 177 points

3rd –  Cody Scherle, Indiana 4-H, 176 points

4th –  Colby Hough, Maryland 4-H, 176 points

5th –  Hannah Ellis, North Carolina 4-H, 176 points

6th –  Maddie Musser, Pennsylvania 4-H, 176 points

7th –  Emma Musser, Pennsylvania 4-H, 173 points

8th –  Vanessa Veld, Michigan FFA, 172 points

9th –  Renee Stohlmann, Kentucky 4-H, 171 points

10th –  Logan Mattingly, Kentucky 4-H, 169 points

The Keystone International Livestock Exposition is the largest livestock show on the East Coast, with more than 1,400 beef cattle, 1,110 horse, 1,700 sheep and wool, 225 swine, and 260 goat entries in 2018. This year, more than 900 exhibitors from 25 states are competing in livestock events. The show also includes the 11th Annual Keystone Classic Barbecue Competition, a Kansas City Barbecue Society-sanctioned event to select the state's finest culinary competitors and the first annual ranch riding competition hosted by the East Coast Ranch Riding Association.

All events are open to the public with free admission and parking. Find more information and a complete schedule of events at www.keystoneinternational.pa.gov.

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