LO-N-SLOW BBQ Smokes Competition at 2018 Keystone Classic BBQ Contest

Harrisburg, PA – LO-N-SLOW BBQ, a team of barbeque masters from New Providence, Lancaster Co., claimed the top prize of Grand Champion Overall Team on Saturday, October 6, at the Keystone Classic Barbeque State Championship at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE) in Harrisburg.

The Keystone Classic featured some of the region's top barbeque teams in a mouth-watering, finger-lickin' good cook-off at the East Coast’s largest livestock show, held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

Competitors on 40 teams prepared chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket using their top-secret, award-winning recipes for a chance at more than $7,500 in prize money. A team of 51 Kansas City Barbeque Society-approved judges evaluated the barbeque according to the Society’s rules and regulations. Judges selected their favorites based on quality, flavor, and more. 

The Blue Ribbon Blended Burger Contest was sponsored by PA Preferred®, Lancaster BBQ Supply, Buona Foods, Bell&Evans Poultry, and Energex Ol’ Hick. The winner of that competition, LO-N-SLOW BBQ, will be featured on the PA Preferred® Culinary Connection Stage at the 103rd Farm Show in January 2019.

Crowds flocked to Bell & Evan’s “Best Legs in Town” People’s Choice Competition, where they purchased an assortment of barbequed chicken legs and voted for their favorites. The winners, Smokin Gnome BBQ of Shippensburg, Cumberland Co., took home a “leg lamp” – a reproduction of the prized lamp in the movie A Christmas Story.

The top five placements in each category are listed below:

Chicken Category:
• 1st–  All Fired Up BBQ
• 2nd – Hot Rods BBQ
• 3rd – The BBQ Guru
• 4th – LO-N-SLO BBQ
• 5th – Poppa-Q-BBQ

Pork Category:

• 1st –  Aporkalypse Now
• 2nd – All Fired Up BBQ
• 3rd – Brisket Burners
• 4th – Uncle Pigs Barbeque Pit
• 5th – Smokestack Redemption

Brisket Category:
• 1st – LO-N-SLO BBQ
• 2nd – Pigheaded BBQ
• 3rd – Christmas City BBQ
• 4th – HAWG Nation BBQ
• 5th – The BBQ Guru

Pork Ribs Category:
• 1st – Flying Porkers
• 2nd – Hot Rods BBQ
• 3rd – Bar-B Que Mayhem
• 4th –  Chain Smokin BBQ
• 5th – Smokin Foolz

Top 10 in the Overall Winners Category:
• 1st –  LO-N-SLOW BBQ
• 2nd –  Aporkalypse Now
• 3rd –  Christmas City BBQ
• 4th – Hot Rods BBQ
• 5th – The BBQ Guru
• 6th –  HAWG Nation BBQ
• 7th –  All Fired Up BBQ
• 8th  – Drilling and Grilling
• 9th –  Smokestack Redemption
• 10th – Smokin Foolz

Bell & Evans’ “Best Legs in Town” People’s Choice competition:
• 1st – Smokin Gnome BBQ

• 2nd –  Dead on Q
• 3rd –  Willy’s Q Shack

Blue Ribbon Blended Burger Category:
• 1st – Redneck Smoke Club
• 2nd – Bar-B Que Mayhem
• 3rd – Big D’s BBQ
• 4th – All Fired Up BBQ
• 5th – Christmas City BBQ

The Keystone International Livestock Exposition is the largest livestock show on the East Coast, with more than 1,400 beef cattle, 1,110 horse, 1,700 sheep and wool, 225 swine, and 260 goat entries in 2018. This year, more than 900 exhibitors from 25 states are competing in livestock events. The show also includes the 11th Annual Keystone Classic Barbecue Competition, a Kansas City Barbecue Society-sanctioned event to select the state's finest culinary competitors and the first annual ranch riding competition hosted by the East Coast Ranch Riding Association.

All events are open to the public with free admission and parking. Find more information and a complete schedule of events at www.keystoneinternational.pa.gov.